Akinaut : Play-to-earn Breakdown

⚠️ Prerequisites:

Players will need to make a one-time deposit of 10,000 C-Arcade tokens in order to play.

Earnings Breakdown:

Earnings possible on Level 1 = 800 coins = $4
Earnings possible on Level 2 = 1200 coins = $6
Earnings possible on Level 3 = 2000 coins = $10

Game Boosters:

In Akinaut there are game boosters that allow our loveable Akinaut to avoid obstacles and gain more coins. These were designed to give players an edge and potentially allow them to up their earnings. We decided to price these in $BUSD instead of $C-Arcade to help fund subsequent development and maintain the value of the token. Boosters are priced in-game at $1.


The shield is a user-activated booster that protects the Akinaut temporarily from all danger.


The heart is a regenerative booster that will add a heart to your life bar. They are randomly dropped.


The coin magnet allows a player to scoop coins automatically as they run. This is one of the most powerful boosters. They are randomly dropped….


Trading Earnings:

Once play to earn is fully live, in-game coins are tradeable for $C-Arcade which can be traded on any public exchange (PancakeSwap). The public exchange is not controlled by the team and any earnings are in full control of the players.

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