$C-ARCADE: Tokenomics and FAQ

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2 min readNov 26, 2021



The C-Arcade Token

The C-Arcade token will be the beating heart of the arcade
economy, linking all games together.

To ensure the arcade has a viable ecosystem and players aren’t bound to the same game we decided to have C-Arcade mostly be used for rewards. Game power-ups and add-ons will be purchased using BUSD which will eliminate the need for the team to sell C-Arcade to support the project. Instead, BUSD will be used to fund subsequent game development.

Tokenomics Breakdown:

11.5% Presale and Liquidity.

1 BNB = 118000 C-Arcade

Min Contribution 0.5 BNB
Max Contribution 2.5 BNB

Listing rate: 1 BNB = 118000 C-Arcade

9.4% sold in Private Sale.

1 BNB = 125000 C-Arcade

Min Contribution 1 BNB
Max Contribution 3 BNB

6% Will be used for marketing and development.

15% Will be used for game rewards. Players will get awarded in tokens when they win, and this is where their rewards come from.

3% Airdrop Wallet which will be used for events, tournaments and giveaways.

10% Will be LOCKED for a month, after which it will go towards CEX listing.



There is a reflection per transaction as follows:

2%: Liquidity
2%: Marketing
1%: Holders

C-Arcade Locking Schedule:

44% Will be locked for different periods of time to be added into circulation as rewards if the need arises. If it is deemed unnecessary the tokens will be relocked.

Locking periods:

10% for 5 months
10% for 4 months
10% for 3 months
7% for 2 months
7% for 1 month


Q: Was the C-Arcade token contract custom made or copy/paste?

A: Our contract was custom-written by our development team and audited.

Q: Has the token contract been audited?

A: Our contract has passed an audit with interfi and is available HERE.

Q: Is there a mint function?

A: No, there isn’t currently a mint function in the C-Arcade contract. We wanted our community to be at ease, and we know that minting causes issues for many reasons. If we expand large enough to exhaust our current reward supply, our development team will migrate our contract.