Introducing: Crypto Arcade Punk — A New Contender in the Play to Earn Metaverse

Crypto Arcade Punk
3 min readNov 30, 2021


~ Basqui

There’s no doubt that when games started arriving on the crypto scene which allowed people to make a living wage, heads began to turn. While we had seen the rise of Non-fungible art pieces of nearly anything sell for at times millions, the idea of play to earn seemed different. Trends may come and go, but fun and interactive content is clearly the way of the foreseeable future and that’s why we’re building in this space.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a second to none play to earn experience through the creation of an online arcade built on Binance Smart Chain and powered by our own native token.

Crypto Arcade Punk: The LifeStyle

Our community is growing faster by the day and word is buzzing all throughout the space about Crypto Arcade Punk, but what is it? We define Crytpo Arcade Punk not just as a project we hope to make a success, but as a way of life. A Crytpo Arcade Punk is someone who wants to live their life on the blockchain and earn crypto while having fun! When you join our platform and play you’ll not only be earning, but you’ll be a part of history.

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Crypto Arcade Punk: The Platform

Unlike some play-to-earn projects that focus on building one game, our goal is to create an entire arcade experience. It can be really intimidating to learn a new game, and this can make onboarding new uses difficult.


For us, the games needed to be fast-paced and easy to learn. This way, users can just pick up their device and begin earning in a short amount of time. Our games will be available as stand-alone apps on pc and mobile and users will be able to play on any of the 3 they choose.

Check out our guide on our first playable Beta game Akinaut HERE


Long term, our platform will actually be developed as a virtual arcade space. As we enter into the Metaverse phase of tech, we want to be far ahead of the curve. Virtual spaces where people can meet, mingle, and play all through VR are the way of the future, and Crypto Arcade Punk will be such a space. Imagine meeting with friends after work to settle a score in a fun fast-paced game all from the comfort of your own home. With the help of our community, we see this as a real possibility.

Crypto Arcade Punk: The Token

The C-Arcade token will be the beating heart of the arcade
economy, linking all games together.


In conclusion, if you’re reading this in 2021 you’re very early. We have a lot of things planned for Crypto Arcade Punk, and we know that with strong support, a clear roadmap, and a dedicated team we can and will make history. Join us.